Transform your workflow

Say goodbye to endless tweaking. Humanify delivers pro-level results instantly.


Focus on what matters

Humanify is built on Daz3D Genesis 9 mesh and works with any wrap or model.


Plug and Play

Beginner? Great. Intermediate? Awesome. Humanify was developed with all levels in mind.


Everything's included

We don't do hidden fees or subscriptions. Pay once, keep it forever.

  • ★★★★★

    Feels like magic every time I use it. The results are stunningly realistic. Even after months of use, I’m still blown away by Humanify’s capabilities.

    Gabrielo Alex 
  • ★★★★★

    A must have for Blender Artists. Humanify has already saved me countless hours of tedious work. I only wish the team had made it available sooner!

  • ★★★★★

    I’m blown away by Humanify. The ease of use is incredible – I rarely make tweaks after the initial shader is added. Please keep letting me test your products early!!


Ultra Sharp

Create with photorealistic detail.

Developed over half a year of meticulous use in professional studios, Humanify intelligently creates detail specific to your character model.

Ready to use presets

Bring your characters to life effortlessly with new pre-made skins, added every month.
Humanify eliminates guesswork, delivering instant, professional-grade results.

  • ★★★★★

    Game Changer! I've always struggled with achieving photorealism in my Blender renders, especially when it came to human models. Humanify has dramatically changed this for me.

    Jonathan Plesel 
  • ★★★★★

    So powerful and so simple to use. From skin textures to facial features, Humanify gets everything right. A big thanks to the team for making such a powerful tool so simple to pick up and master.

    Slade Dsgn 
  • ★★★★★

    My favourite Blender add-on, by a long way. Across personal projects and client commissions, Humanify consistently delivers outstanding results that exceed expectations.


Easier. Faster. Smarter.

See all the features and learn how easy it is to use Humanify.

  • 🎛️ Presets

    Instantly access tailored settings, simplifying your workflow with Humanify's ready-made options.

  • 🧵 Materials

    Craft lifelike textures, bringing depth to your creations with Humanify's versatile material options.

  • 🧍‍♂️ Skin Tones

    Achieve authentic complexion variations, ensuring realism with Humanify's precise tones control.

  • ☀️ Scattering

    Master light diffusion, enhancing realism with Humanify's advanced scattering techniques.

  • 🔬 Details

    Perfect every feature, ensuring lifelike characters with Humanify's attention to intricate details.

  • ✨ Roughness

    Refine surface textures, adding character to your 3D creations with Humanify's roughness adjustments.

Don't just take our word for it

Want more info?

🤯 Is Humanify compatible with Blender 4.1?

Yes, Humanify is compatible with Blender version 4.1, as well as 3.0 to 4.0. We will continue to work on making it compatible with future versions of Blender as well.

😡 I have an error when installing the add-on. What can I do?

To get started, please watch our setup guide and usage tutorial. If the error persists, please contact us at, and we'll get you the support you need. 

✨ I'm a beginner. Will I be able to use Humanify?

We'd suggest getting familiar with Blender before investing in any shaders or addons. Around a months worth of practice should get you to a place where you'll benefit from Humanify. 

Take your time to learn the basics of materials, lighting, and rendering in Blender. Come back once you're ready. We aren’t going anywhere!

🌀 What's included in my purchase of Humanify?

Inside the Humanify, you get three male and two female bodies, ready to use with one-click inside Blender.

🙏 What's the Humanify license?

Humanify is released under GPL Attribution. You have total ownership to use the tool across your projects.

📩 How can I get in touch?

For feedback, suggestions or enquiries, please email us at

🧵 Can I customise Humans created with Humanify?

Absolutely! While Humanify streamlines the initial skin shader process, you'll have full control over customising and fine-tuning the generated result. For more infor, check out the 'Addon Controls' section above.

💰 Can I use Humanify for commercial projects?

Yes! Humanify can be used for both personal and commercial projects.